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Ven. Sayadaw U Rewata Dhamma

Born in 1929 in Thamangone, Myanmar.

Studied in local monastery at the age of 5 and ordained as a novice at age 12, and received higher ordination at age 20.

Study Pali, Theravada Buddhism, canonical text and commentaries, under several eminent learned monks at various monastery. He obtained the highest degree in Pali at the age of 23 and was awarded the title of Sasanadhaja Siripavara Dhammacariya by the Myanmar President in 1953. Obtained BA in Mahayana Buddhism (1960), MA in Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy (1964), a Ph.D from Babaras Hindu University (1967).

His two-volume commentary on the Abhidhammattha Sangaha was awarded the Kalidasa prize as one of the outstanding books of the year by the Hindi Academy. These book are now used as a Buddhist textbook in many Indian universities.

In 1972, he engaged in vipassana meditation under S.N.Goenka, and had previously practised with, and been appointed a teacher by Mahasi Sayadaw. In 1967 was appointed chief editor of the Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Technical Terms, went to England and work in Birmingham in 1975 and was also appointed Spiritual Director by Gyalwa Karmapa. Since then he has established an international reputation as a teacher of Buddhism and Vipassana meditation and has led retreats throughout Europe and the US as well as giving talks and lectures at such universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Lancaster, Zurich, Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Macomb and Champagne, apart from lecture tours in many parts of Europe, USSR and the Far East.

He has become known for his promotion of peace and reconciliation and has been invited to address many conferences and symposia, notably in Asia.