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Practical Dependent Origination by Bhikku Buddhadasa Wednesday, Oct 31 2007
“Karma is not an ever - enduring chain; it is a chain that can be broken at any time. What was done yesterday can be undone today; there’s no permanent continuance of anything. Continuance can and must be dissipated through the understanding of its process. So when you SEE this process, when you are really aware of it without opposition, without a sense of temptation, without resistance, without justifying or judging it then you will discover that the mind is capable of receiving the new and that the new is never a sensation therefore it can never be recognized, re-experienced. It is a state of being in which creativeness comes without invitation, without memory and that is reality.” J Krishnamurthi

Hope amid hard time -Prison Meditation by Chris Bergeron/Daily News staff GHS Sun Oct 21, 2007
Instructors Bruce Stewart and Jonathan Crowley taught Vipassana meditation, which required total silence throughout hours of sitting. Based on Buddha's 2,500-year-old teachings, Vipassana means to "see things as they really are" in the Pali language. Phillips believes inmates, especially those serving long sentences with little chance for parole, are most receptive to meditation's benefits. "I have found inmates with the longest sentences, who don't have one foot on the sidewalk, are most available to do deep treatment," she said.

20 Reasons Why You Need Inner Peace and Tranquility by amanda-mrrqse, Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Inner peace is not reserved only to yogis, hermits or monks, sitting alone in a far off place, praying or meditating all day long. It can also be attained by people living an ordinary life, who have a job, married and with children. Inner peace is a state of being emotionally and mentally at peace and strong in the face of discord or stress. It is the opposite of being stressed or anxious.

Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hahn, Sunday, September 2, 2007
What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now ( The Buddha )

Dignity in Silence by Hamish Sewell , www.abc.net.au
…this letting-go will not be easy. It means giving up my most cherished thoughts and feelings about myself (notice the reflexivity) which are what I think I am to stand naked and exposed. Hence, Buddhism calls it the Great Death. If there is no greater psychological suffering, perhaps there is also none more therapeutic, for this burns away the dross of life, all the symbolized money and power and prestige games that usually obsess us because they seem to offer us the hope of finally securing ourselves in the world. Loy, D. Lack and Transcendence. Humanity Books 2000. p27

Mindfulness - The gateway to peaceful living by Ms. A.J. Mahari July 15, 2005
Mindfulness consists of awareness, attention, and focus in the present original moment. Mindfulness is experienced through mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness can transform your life from endless suffering to manageable pain and even beyond to a much more peaceful and calm way of living.

Vipassana:The art of corporate management by ritesh2k3, http://riteshsinghsiddharth.wordpress.com, August 29, 2007 · Filed under Thoughts
The Vipassana meditation technique improves the lives of executives and business managers by transforming their attitudes. Prejudice is replaced by compassion; jealousy changes into joy at the success of others; greed and arrogance are replaced by generosity and humility, and so on.

Vipassana An Art of Corporate Management by Pathshala ritesh, http://riteshsinghsiddharth.wordpress.com/ ,August 29, 2007 · Filed under Thoughts
The experiences of a number of business enterprises have shown that the introduction of Vipassana Meditation to the people in the organization has improved the working atmosphere, the cooperative attitudes, the discipline, and the harmony within.

Mindfulness Meditation in Western Society by Puerto Rico Yong
There are several types of meditation, however Levine states that differences in these techniques are basically due to the primary object which is concentrated on through the process (Levine, 1989, 8). Thus, I will base this paper on mindfulness meditation (Vipassanna) which involves directly participating in each moment as it occurs with as much awareness and understanding as possible.

True Happiness in Buddhist by Benny Ang
Happiness in Pali is called Sukha, which is used both as a noun meaning “happiness,” “ease,” “bliss,” or “pleasure,” and as an adjective meaning “blissful” or “pleasant.”

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