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Ven. Ledi Sayadaw(1846 -1923)

An extremely intelligent and hard-working young bhikkhu - Ledi Sayadaw - had become proficient in the study of pariyatti. He was born in 1846 in Saing-pyin village of northern Burma and ordained as a samanera (novice) at the age of 15.

He went on to learn the technique of Vipassana still being taught in the caves of the Sagaing Hills; and after mastering the technique, he began to teach it to others. His vihara (monastery) was in Ledi village near the town of Monywa. There he meditated most of the time and taught the other bhikkhus.

At other times he traveled throughout Myanmar. Because of his mastery of pariyatti, he was able to write many books on Dhamma in both Pali and Burmese languages such as, Paramattha-dipani (Manual of Ultimate Truth), Nirutta-dipani, a book on Pali grammar and The Manuals of Dhamma.. Thus he strengthened pariyatti, and at the same time he kept alive the pure tradition of patipatti by teaching the technique of Vipassana to a few people.
He realized that besides bhikkhus, good lay teachers would need to be developed for the spread of Dhamma. Therefore he made the technique, which had previously been restricted to bhikkhus, accessible to lay people as well. Although he trained some bhikkhus to teach, he also established a lay farmer named Saya Thetgyi as a teacher.

Ledi Sayadaw was perhaps the most outstanding Buddhist figure of his age. He was instrumental in reviving the traditional practice of Vipassana, making it more available for renunciates and lay people alike. In addition to this most important aspect of his teaching, his concise, clear and extensive scholarly work served to clarify the experiential aspect of Dhamma.

Some of the Tikas, Manuals, essays and letters written by the Venerable Ledi Sayadaw:--

In Pali:
  1. Paramattha Dipani (Manual of Ultimate Truths) or Abhidhammattha Sangaha Maha Tika.
  2. Nirutti Dipani or Vuttimoggallana Tika.
  3. Anu-dipani.
  4. Vibhatyattha Tika.
  5. Vaccavacaka Tika.
  6. Sasanasampatti Dipani.
  7. Sasanavipatti Dipani.
  8. Patthanuddesa Dipani.
  9. Sammaditthi Dipani.
  10. London Pali Devi Questions and answers.
  11. Exposition of Buddhism for the West.
  12. Padhana Sutta (Pali and word for word meanings).
  13. Anattavibhavana.
  14. Yamaka Puccha Visajjana.
  15. Niyama Dipani.
  16. Vipassana Dipani.
In Burmese:
  1. Rupa Dipani (Manual of Material Qualities).
  2. Lakkhana Dipani (Manual of Characteristics of existence).
  3. Parami Dipani (Manual of Perfections).
  4. Vijjamagga Dipani (Manual of the Way to the Holy-Path- Knowledge).
  5. Nibbana Dipani (Manual of Nibbana).
  6. Mahasayana Dipani (Manual of Great Lying Down).
  7. Uttama Purisa Dipani (Manual of the Real Superman).
  8. Paticcasamuppada Dipani (Manual of Dependent Origination).
  9. Ahara Dipani (Manual of Nutritive Essence).
  10. Anatta Dipani (Manual of Impersonality).
  11. Anatta Dipani (new).
  12. Kammatthana Dipani (Manual of Meditation subjects).
  13. Anapana Dipani (Manual of Exhaling and Inhaling).
  14. Catusacca Dipani (Manual of the Four Noble Truths).
  15. Bodhipakkhiya Dipani (Manual of the Factors Leading to Enlightenment).
  16. Somanassaupekkha Dipani (Manual of Joy and Equanimity).
  17. Bhavana Dipani (Manual of Mental Concentration).
  18. Sukumara Dipani.
  19. Saccattha Dipani.
  20. Sasanadayajja Dipani.
  21. Rogantara Dipani.
  22. Dhamma Dipani.
  23. Danadi Dipani.
  24. Magganga Dipani (Manual of the Constituents of the Noble Path).
  25. Gonasura Dipani.
  26. Niyama Dipani (Manual of Cosmic Order).
  27. Silavinicchaya Dipani.
  28. Virati-silavinicchaya Dipani.
  29. Inaparibhoga-vinicchaya Dipani.
  30. Dighasana-vinicchaya Dipani.
  31. Asankhara-Sasankhara-vinicchaya Dipani.
  32. Sikkha-gahana-vinicchaya Dipani.
  33. Cetiyangana-vinicchaya Dipani.
  34. Upasampada-vinicchaya Dipani.
  35. Decision on Ajivatthamaka Sila.
  36. Decision on Vikalabhojana-sikkhapada.
  37. Sarana-gamana-vinicchaya Dipani.
  38. Paramattha Sankhitta.
  39. Vinaya Sankhitta.
  40. Sadda Sankhitta.
  41. "Alphabets" Sankhitta.
  42. Prosody Sankhitta.
  43. Alanka Sankhitta.
  44. Spelling Sankhitta.
  45. Paramattha Sankhitta.
  46. Chapter on Material Qualities (in brief).
  47. Nibbana-visajjana Manual.
  48. Ledi Questions and Answers.
  49. Questions on Sotapanna.
  50. Sasanavisodhani. Vols. I,II & III.
  51. Gambhira-kabya-kyan (Manual of Profound Verses).
  52. Open letter for abstention from taking beef.
  53. Letter of reply to U Ba Bwa, Township Officer of Dedaye, saying that he could not go on a pilgrimage to Ceylon that year.
  54. Admonitory letter to U Saing, Headman of Saingpyin Village for abstention from taking intoxicants.
  55. Admonitory letter to the inhabitants of Dipevin Twonship for abstention from taking intoxicants.
  56. Admonitory letter prohibiting Lotteries and Gambling
  57. AN Advice to hold a Lighting Festival at the Bo Tree within the precincts of Ledi Monastery, Monywa.
  58. Letter to U Hmat, a Ruby Merchant of Mogok.
  59. Inscription at Sihataw Pagoda written by the Ven'ble Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw at the request of U Hmat.
  60. Epic on Samvega.