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Ven. Sayadaw Ashin Janakabhivamsa (1900 - 1977)

Sayadaw was born on Tuesday the 14th of Tabodwe 1261, ME. (27 February 1900). The son of U Zaw Ti and Daw Ohn Hlaing in Tha-yine villege, ShweBo district, Sagaing Division.

First ordained as a novice monk at age 5 and again at age 14, received his higher ordination in 1919.

Studied with prestigious teachers in Mandalay and Pakhokku centers on advanced courses in the Pali Canon, the Commentaries, Sub-commentaries, exegeses, and expositions. Passed a number of high level Buddhist examinations and earned the title Pariyattisasanahita Dhammacariya in 1927. He was among the first recipients of the title of Aggamahapandita, the Superior Learned One, bestowed by the first President of Independent Myanmar.

Served in various distinguished position during the Sixth Buddhist Council (1954) - as an advisor, Chattha Sangiti Ovadacariya Samgha Nayaka; as Performer of various duties at the Sixth Council, Chattha Sangiti Bharanittharaka, as an editor of Pali Texts, Chattha Sangiti Palipativisodhaka; and a Reader of Texts which have reached the final stage of redaction, Osanasodheyyapattapathaka. He was the Abbot of the famous Mahagandharama Monastery of higher Buddhist learning Amarapura.

Wrote a total of 74 books, made up of 11 books on Pali grammar, 14 books on Vinaya, 14 books on Abhidhamma, 8 books on Suttanta Pitaka and 24 books on miscellaneous subjects dealing with all aspects of Buddhist Teaching and Sasana; he managed to publish 50 of them (mostly in Burmese language) before he passed away.


Sayadaw was born on Tuesday the 14th of Tabodwe 1261, ME. (27 February 1900). The son of U Zaw Ti and Daw Ohn Hlaing in Tha-yine villege, ShweBo district, Sagaing Division.

In 1266, he was sent to the local monastery and became a novice Sangha, samanera, for the first time.

In 1275, he was initiated for the second time as a samanera and it was to spend his life-time as a disciple of the Buddha in his dispensation.

In 1279, at the age of 18, he passed the Government Examination of the Higher Level Pathamagyi.

In 1280, he took his ordination on the full-moon day of Tabaung.

In 1281, he took the ordination for the second time on the full-moon day of Nayon and
the third time on the full-moon day of Tabaung.

In 1283, on the first waxing day of Kasone, he was acknowledged as a instructor in Pakhokku by the most distinguished teachers.

In 1287, he passed the Government Pathamagyaw examination.
In 1289, he got the title of Pariyattisasanahita Dhammacariya.
In 1312, he was conferred an Aggamahapandita title.
In 1315, he was given the following positions to perform the multi-tasks at the Sixth Buddhist Council ...

1) Chattha Sangiti Ovadacariya Sangha Nayaka
2) Chattha Sangiti Bharanittharaka
3) Chattha Sangiti Palipativisodhaka
4) Chattha Sangiti Osanasodheyyapattapathaka
In 1337, he was appointed as a Second Chief Abbot at the Council wide meeting of ShweKyin in Pegu.

In 1339; he passed away at the age of 78 at 04:30 pm, on the 2nd waning of Nattaw (Tues, 27 December 1977).



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